Various tools need to be used in maintenance work, which have many types, miscellaneous specifications and large quantities. Therefore, the scientific management of tools is of great significance to safe production, improve labor efficiency, improve maintenance quality, reduce labor intensity and accelerate the turnover of working capital.

RFID technology is applied to material management in the production process to improve efficiency and accuracy!

Tool management status

At present, due to the lack of sufficient information means, most of the fixed assets management is still in the primary stage of manual management. There are the following problems:

It is difficult to find maintenance tools and lost tools, and the efficiency is very low
QR code or bar code cannot meet the control of existing tools
Tool status information cannot be effectively supervised and management responsibility is not perfect
Traditional management methods can not effectively control the potential threats in the whole link

RFID intelligent tool management system

Using RFID technology, put the tools with RFID tags into the specially customized tool car, tool cabinet, toolbox, smart shelf or tool room equipped with RFID reader

Implement tool borrowing, return, search, positioning and inventory. It can greatly improve the accuracy and efficiency of tool management, and realize information sharing across organizations and departments.

It is mainly used in aviation, electric power, fire protection, machinery, railway, prison, ship and other industries to realize the functions of automatic and fast borrowing, return, positioning, search and maintenance of tools.

Tool RFID inventory scanning

  • Counting speed × twenty
  • 100% accuracy of inventory
  • Tool management coverage > 99%
  • Report processing speed × twenty
  • Count 100 + fixed assets in 10 seconds
  • Tool completion rate: 100%

Tool RFID automatic tracking

  • 100 + tool access
  • Tracking accuracy ≥ 95%
  • Number of photos taken for one event = 9
  • Event query speed < 3S
  • Normal traffic will not be affected
  • Timely alarm and prompt on site

Tool RFID self loan and return

  • 100 + tools borrowed and returned at the same time
  • Reading accuracy ≥ 99.9%
  • Number of photos taken for one event = 1
  • Event query speed < 3S
  • Efficiency ↑ 300% higher than conventional
  • Multiple additional functions
  • Efficient management: RFID workshop material collection, return, in and out record management, fast! accurate Precise!

  • Quick inventory: the efficiency is increased by more than 20 times by using RFID technology

  • Intelligent control: intelligent judgment of tool parameter data and reminder of calibration cycle of specific tools.

  • Accountability: if the tool is not returned in time, the system will issue a warning to quickly lock the responsibility of relevant personnel.

  • Tool search: it only takes 3-5 minutes to find lost tools through RFID handheld terminal, and the management efficiency is improved by more than 10 times.

  • Whole life cycle: intelligent management of tool procurement, out / in / transfer, maintenance, scrap, backtracking and other links.

  • Full self-service tool in and out management, greatly improving the efficiency of tool lending and return.

  • The background collects the use data of tools in real time, scientifically analyzes and generates reports.

  • Error rate - Decrease75%
  • Labor costs - reduce60%
  • Counting cycle - shorten85%

Customer application cases


Provide Siemens with complete sets of tools to improve the efficiency of prodog's business cycle management and maintenance, and provide customers with complete sets of tools to improve the efficiency of prodog's business cycle management.
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ZF auto parts management project

Use Leanwo prodog management system to manage internal fixed assets and help enterprises standardize asset management processes. Provide scientific and efficient management of spare parts assets in different regions of ZF.
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Shanghai topu CNC aviation Aerospace Manufacturing Project

Use the Leanwo prodog management system to realize the standardization and electronization of all management processes of the factory, and become an efficient and scientific smart factory.
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