Use RFID or QR code to digitally mark the goods, and cooperate with Leanwo prodog LMS circular leasing digital management system to realize a complete set of processes of ordering, quotation, contract, distribution, delivery, use, warehousing, settlement and payment of leased goods from customers. Help enterprises realize the digitization of circular leasing business.
The addition of RFID technology makes the circular leasing process more credible, controllable and more efficient. Businesses and users will benefit from it

The application of RFID technology in the management of rental goods is like adding wings to the tiger!

Current situation of leasehold management

At present, due to the lack of sufficient information means, most of the fixed assets management is still in the primary stage of manual management. There are the following problems:

The ingredients and records of the leased commodity warehouse are chaotic, and the efficiency is very low
The value of the leased goods is high and there is a risk of being replaced
The single item management of leased goods cannot be achieved, resulting in settlement difficulties
The whole process of the whole value chain of leased goods cannot be fully controlled.

Typical application scenarios

The Leanwo prodog LMS leasehold management system contains a variety of application scenarios. As follows:

Customer application cases

Siemens energy tools leasing

RFID chips are installed on each tool, so that the whole tool storage and leasing process can be known and controlled, and the whole business process runs on the Leanwo prodog system.
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Shanghai textile recycling linen Leasing Co., Ltd

Install chips on each bed sheet, quilt cover, pillow case, towel, etc., so that the washing and leasing process of the whole linen can be known and controlled, and accurately manage the state of each linen and calculate the leasing cost.
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