The number of archives is very large, and the archives themselves are of great value, so they need more refined and effective management. Leanwo digital management of archives has a large number of successful cases of archives, which is suitable for a wide range of archives management scenarios.

The application of RFID technology in archives management is like adding wings to the tiger!

Current situation of archives management

At present, due to the lack of sufficient information means, most of the archives management is still in the primary stage of manual management. There are the following problems:

It is difficult to check and find archives, and the efficiency is very low
QR code or barcode cannot meet the existing file control
The file handover information cannot be effectively confirmed, and the management responsibility is not perfect
Traditional management methods can not effectively control the potential threats in the whole link

RFID intelligent file management system

Use RFID technology to digitally mark the archives, and provide hardware such as intelligent archives cabinet, intelligent archives car, archives handset, archives RFID tag and so on.
Realize batch import of files, single entry of file information, label printing, collection, return, inventory, abnormal alarm, process management, statistical report, etc.
Realize a variety of application scenarios such as rapid inventory of files (100 times), rapid search of files (50 times), self-service borrowing and returning of files, light management of file collection and return, etc.

RFID file management system application video

RFID inventory of Archives

  • Counting speed × one hundred
  • The accuracy of inventory is 99.99%
  • File management coverage > 99%
  • Report processing speed × twenty
  • Check 500000 files in 40 minutes
  • File completion rate: 100%

RFID inventory of Archives

  • Search speed × one hundred
  • Support offline search
  • Support simultaneous search of multiple files
  • The search accuracy range is 1 ~ 8m

RFID inventory of Archives

  • RFID printing cost = barcode printing cost
  • Card issuing accuracy: 100%
  • Easy manual operation
  • Printing software and hardware specially developed for Archives
  • Efficient management: RFID file collection, return, in and out record management, fast! accurate Precise!

  • Speed function: use RFID technology to check, and the efficiency is increased by more than 100 times

  • Automatic counting: when equipped with intelligent filing cabinet, counting does not need to be done manually.

  • Clear handover: record the time point of file handover, and record the service cycle of the file. If it is overdue, it will be automatically notified and reminded.

  • File search: it takes only 5 minutes to find 100000 files through RFID handheld terminal, and the management efficiency is improved by more than 100 times

  • Whole life cycle: intelligent management of file initialization, out / in / transfer, collection, return, handover and other links.

  • Full self-service file access management, greatly improving the efficiency of file lending and return.

  • Real time report forms are generated and analyzed scientifically in the background.

  • Error rate - Decrease75%
  • Labor costs - reduce60%
  • Counting cycle - shorten85%

Customer application cases

Digital management of archives of automobile financial leasing company

Leanwo prodog management system provides Taixin financial leasing company with a digital management system for the whole life cycle of archives, solves the problems of archives inventory and borrowing management, and improves the management level of important archives.
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Digital management of government archives

Shanghai social and cultural management office selects Leanwo archives digital management system to realize the functions of rapid inventory of archives and batch collection and return registration, and promote the business accuracy and rapid response ability through digitization
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Digital management of archives in Archives

XX archives adopts Leanwo archives digital management system to realize automatic and rapid inventory and rapid search of archives, and promote business accuracy and rapid response through digitization.
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