Prodog Warehouse Management System

Use RFID or QR code to conduct quick warehousing, counting, inspection and other operations on materials. Mature and reliable application platform, multi industry application cases, with the characteristics of fast, effective, simple and easy to use. Cooperate with your ERP, MES and other business systems to realize code printing and code scanning, and complete all digital registration at the warehouse site.
With the addition of automated robots (AGV), the factory can continuously reduce costs and increase efficiency, and further improve the tracking and optimal deployment of material information. Please check the video below for details.

RFID technology is applied to warehouse management, stable, accurate and fast!

Current situation of warehouse management

At present, due to the lack of sufficient information means, most of the fixed assets management is still in the primary stage of manual management. There are the following problems:

It is difficult for warehouse batching and ERP input, and the efficiency is very low
Traditional accounting methods lead to forgetting, mistakes and many other problems
The status of warehouse materials is out of control, and the management responsibility is imperfect
Traditional management methods can not effectively control the potential threats in the whole link

RFID / bar code intelligent warehouse management system

RFID / barcode technology is used to attach RFID / QR code labels on materials to complete digital marking.

Realize the processes of material arrival, stock in, stock in, stock out, and so on.

The on-site staff do not have to register the data one by one on the computer after moving the materials on site, so as to record the current data on the spot.

Typical application scenarios of prodog WMS

RFID warehouse management system application video

RFID warehouse material collection + AGV

  • Comprehensive digitization of warehouse materials
  • AGV transport material
  • Warehouse unmanned operation

Warehouse electronic Kanban

  • Visual interface
  • Support interface customization
  • Data statistics automation

Self service receipt / issue of RFID warehouse materials

  • Automatic reading of materials
  • Automatic shooting scene
  • Automatic receipt / issue registration

Electronic picking

  • Comprehensive visual picking
  • Linkage with prodog system
  • Picking accuracy: 100%

Digitalization + automation of stored materials

  • AGV automatic handling
  • Comprehensive and accurate data
  • Integrated application of RFID + AGV + system
  • Workshop material digital control node
  • Improve efficiency by 200% and save manpower
  • Unlimited possibilities of expanding workshop digital twins
  • Efficient management: RFID workshop material collection, return, in and out record management, fast! accurate Precise!

  • Quick inventory: the efficiency is increased by more than 100 times by using RFID technology

  • Automatic inventory: when equipped with RFID inventory robot, the inventory does not need to be counted manually.

  • Automatic counting: when equipped with intelligent workshop material cabinet, counting does not need to be done manually.

  • Warehouse material searching: visual light picking is added to assist manual rapid realization of functions, and the management efficiency is improved by more than 100 times.

  • Whole life cycle: intelligent management of workshop material initialization, out / in / transfer, collection, return, handover and other links.

  • Fully self-service workshop material in and out management, greatly improving the efficiency of workshop material lending and return.

  • The background collects the material status data of the workshop in real time, scientifically analyzes and generates reports.

  • Error rate - Decrease75%
  • Labor costs - reduce60%
  • Counting cycle - shorten85%

Customer application cases

A Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Shanghai uses the Shanghai Leanwo prodog warehouse management system to manage hundreds of thousands of stored materials.
View details
Siemens uses Leanwo prodog system to manage tens of thousands of tools, making the tool warehouse more intelligent.
View details
Midea Group uses the Leanwo prodog PTL system to manage the electronic component warehouse, which improves the technical efficiency of the electronic component warehouse by 100%
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