Prodog Warehouse Management System

There are various materials in the workshop, including but not limited to: work in progress, finished products, raw materials, tools, equipment, etc. Shanghai Leanwo is committed to helping enterprises improve the digital level of workshop materials and grow together with customers.

RFID technology is applied to material management in the production process to improve efficiency and accuracy!

Current situation of digital management of factory materials

At present, the digital management of materials in most factories lacks overall planning, and most of them are still in the primary stage of manual management. There are the following problems:

The efficiency of material warehousing, registration, work reporting and inventory is low
QR code or barcode cannot meet the existing material control
The status of materials cannot be effectively confirmed, and the management lags behind seriously
Traditional management methods can not effectively control the potential threats in the whole link

RFID workshop material management system

Use RFID technology to digitally mark the materials in the workshop, and support the hardware such as material digital control node, RFID handset and material RFID tag.
Realize batch import and single input of material data, RFID tag printing, collection, return, inventory, abnormal alarm, process management, statistical report, etc.
Realize various application scenarios such as material warehousing, pallet management, behavior judgment, AGV automatic transportation, digital management of tools, and equipment life cycle control.

RFID production management system application video

RFID forklift frame integration system

  • Automatic reading of materials
  • Automatic registration of online and offline
  • Fusion data query

RFID finished product automatic offline management

  • Automatic reading of materials
  • Automatic registration offline
  • Automatically take photos and save

RFID frame binding

  • Quick binding material frame
  • All handset operations
  • Simple and fast

RFID material frame inventory

  • Quick counting material box
  • Speed increased by 20 times
  • Accuracy ≥ 99.99%
  • Efficient management: RFID workshop material collection, return, in and out record management, fast! accurate Precise!

  • Quick inventory: the efficiency is increased by more than 100 times by using RFID technology

  • Automatic counting: when equipped with intelligent workshop material cabinet, counting does not need to be done manually.

  • Automatic counting: when equipped with intelligent workshop material cabinet, counting does not need to be done manually.

  • Workshop material search: find workshop materials through RFID handheld terminal. It takes only 5 minutes to pick one 100000 pieces, and the management efficiency is improved by more than 100 times.

  • Whole life cycle: intelligent management of workshop material initialization, out / in / transfer, collection, return, handover and other links.

  • Fully self-service workshop material in and out management, greatly improving the efficiency of workshop material lending and return.

  • The background collects the material status data of the workshop in real time, scientifically analyzes and generates reports.

  • Error rate - Decrease75%
  • Labor costs - reduce60%
  • Counting cycle - shorten85%

Customer application cases

Digital warehouse of Yitian semi-finished products and finished products

Leanwo prodog management system provides Yitian intelligent kitchenware with data acquisition of overall production tray loading and unloading / finished product warehousing batch and non-stop, and provides abnormal alarm and other functions at the production site.
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GCL production pallet RFID digital management

Suzhou GCL photovoltaic silicon wafer production workshop uses the prodog RFID pallet management system provided by LianWu to manage more than 1000 pallets on more than 100 production lines, realizing unmanned identification, equipment linkage, etc.

FAW Volkswagen body digital marking

The FAW Volkswagen production line selects the Leanwo prodog RFID body marking system to make the automatic spraying and assembly more smooth