Prodog Fixed Assets Management System

The number and types of fixed assets of enterprises and organizations are very large, and the fixed assets themselves are of great value, so they need more refined and effective management. Leanwo fixed assets life cycle management has many successful cases of world top 500 enterprises and industry leaders, especially suitable for large enterprise organizations.
The main functions of the system include: application approval management, purchase acceptance management, information entry, RFID tag binding, collection, return, inventory, maintenance, scrap, reminder, abnormal alarm, process management, statistical report, basic data management, system management, etc. Realize the digital and fine management of assets, save management costs and improve management efficiency. It can realize a variety of application scenarios, such as rapid inventory of fixed assets (50 times), rapid search of fixed assets (20 times), self loan and return of fixed assets.

RFID technology is applied to fixed asset management, adding wings to the tiger!

Current situation of fixed assets management

At present, due to the lack of sufficient information means, most of the fixed assets management is still in the primary stage of manual management. There are the following problems:

It is difficult to count and find assets, and the efficiency is very low
It is difficult to count and find assets, and the efficiency is very low
The demand for life cycle management of fixed assets is becoming more and more urgent
Traditional management methods cannot form closed-loop control over fixed assets

Typical application scenarios

The Leanwo prodog fixed assets management system contains a variety of application scenarios. As follows:

RFID fixed assets management system application video

RFID inventory of fixed assets

  • Counting speed × twenty
  • 100% accuracy of inventory
  • Report processing speed × twenty
  • Count 100 + fixed assets in 10 seconds

RFID self service collection and return

  • Read fixed assets at the same time
  • Processing time < 3 seconds
  • Photo archiving
  • Up to 1000 pieces

RFID fixed asset tracking

  • Automatic reading of materials
  • Automatic shooting scene
  • Automatic judgment of access
  • Fusion data query

RFID fixed asset search

  • Search within 3 meters
  • Automatically adjust search distance
  • 1000 pieces found in 10 seconds
  • Suitable for a variety of scenarios

RFID asset in place management

  • Automatic reading of materials
  • Material leaving range alarm
  • Automatic time statistics
  • Fusion data query

Asset lifecycle management

  • Basic management of fixed assets
  • Daily management of fixed assets
  • Fixed assets inventory management
  • Fixed assets tracking management

RFID automatic inventory of fixed assets

  • Automatic upstairs and downstairs
  • Automatic room tour
  • Automatic reading of materials
  • Automatically process counting results
  • Daily automatic inventory
  • Fusion data query

Customer application cases

RFID fixed asset management of Public Transport Group

RFID tags are bound to each bus, each maintenance tool and each office equipment, so that each asset has a unique ID number in the world, and tampering is not allowed.
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Court fixed assets management

Shanghai Leanwo provides the people's Court of Pudong New Area with a full set of RFID tracking and inventory products for fixed assets, and the location of fixed assets in the court is monitored and tracked in real time.
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Fixed assets management of auto parts industry

Shanghai Leanwo provides ZF AG with a complete set of RFID Management Solutions for fixed assets, rapid inventory, report issuance, etc
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Management of government fixed assets

Shanghai Leanwo provides a complete set of fixed assets digital management solutions for Shanghai Wujing town government. Help fast inventory
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Case - Shanghai ehus RFID fixed assets management

Shanghai Leanwo provides EHC with RFID fixed assets management system to help EHC carry out digital management of fixed assets.
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Extended reading: RFID warehousing digital management

Shanghai Leanwo provides a complete set of RFID solutions for enterprise warehousing process to realize self-service warehousing and rapid inventory.
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