January 1, 2021

Cooperation - XXXX aircraft Co., Ltd. selects Shanghai Leanwo propass material digital control scheme

XXXX aircraft Co., Ltd. selects the digital control node of propass materials produced by Shanghai Leanwo Information Technology Co., Ltd. to manage the whole life cycle of fixed assets and production materials based on RFID technology. Shanghai Leanwo will help XXXX aircraft Co., Ltd. realize business scenarios such as digital material control, behavior tracking, self-service collection and return, and rapid inventory.
September 24, 2020

Policy: Notice on strengthening the management of fixed assets of administrative institutions

Fixed assets of government institutions (hereinafter referred to as fixed assets) are assets controlled by administrative institutions to meet the needs of their own business activities or other activities, with service life and unit value above the specified standards, and basically maintain the original material form in the process of use, including houses and structures, special equipment, general equipment, cultural relics and exhibits, books, archives, furniture, appliances, fittings, animals and plants, etc. Doing a good job in fixed assets management is of great significance for improving the overall level of state-owned assets management of administrative institutions, better serving and ensuring the performance of duties and career development of units.
January 6, 2020

Cooperation: Siemens chooses Shanghai Leanwo tool RFID Management System

After 10 months of technical communication and demand confirmation, Shanghai Leanwo signed a formal cooperation agreement with Siemens China. Shanghai Leanwo will bring prodog, propass and other products to Siemens China energy division to provide maintenance tools, tool life cycle management, rapid inventory and complete set control on containers, so as to help Siemens China Energy Division improve work efficiency and business level.
November 4, 2019

Bid winner: Shanghai Leanwo won the bid for RFID fixed asset management project of Ningbo Public Transport Group

Shanghai Leanwo won the bid for the RFID fixed asset management project of Ningbo Public Transport Group Company. In this project, Shanghai Leanwo provided a complete set of RFID software and hardware to realize the digital marking of all buses, and realize the rapid inventory of fixed assets and the full life cycle management of fixed assets. The personnel of the group's finance department can carry out timely and effective all-round control of fixed assets. Output: "Inventory Report", "Full Life Cycle Query", "Digital Management of Fixed Asset Approval".
December 28, 2018

Product: Shanghai Leanwo release RFID file management system solution

In 2018, Shanghai Leanwo released a digital management system for archives, giving digital wings to archives and making archives more reliable and efficient from inventory, borrowing and returning, searching to full life cycle management. Effectively reduce the labor intensity of archives management personnel, and improve the utilization rate and safety of archives.