June 17, 2022

Xingjian Feihang (Chengdu) Technology Co., Ltd. was officially established

May 13, 2022

Cooperation - China Nuclear Power selects Shanghai Leanwo RFID fixed asset management system

Recently, China Nuclear Power selected the RFID fixed asset management system of Shanghai Leanwo to digitally manage its fixed assets, hoping to make its fixed assets more digital and easy to manage through cooperation. This cooperation is also the first cooperation between China nuclear power and Shanghai Leanwo. The two sides conducted several rounds of communication and technical exchanges on the needs of the project, and conducted on-site investigation on the successful cases of Shanghai Leanwo. Shanghai Leanwo will build a digital twin fixed asset management system based on RFID technology for China nuclear power and help its company's digital management to a new level.
November 18, 2021

Bid winning - Shanghai Leanwo won the bidding for fixed assets RFID Management System of Dahua Co., Ltd

Shanghai Leanwo won the bid for the RFID fixed asset tracking management project of Dahua Co., Ltd. In this project, Shanghai Leanwo provides a complete set of RFID software and hardware to realize the digital marking of fixed assets in Dahua office and factory, rapid inventory of fixed assets, automatic tracking of fixed assets and full life cycle management of fixed assets. The personnel of the group's finance department can carry out timely and effective all-round control over the fixed assets of each branch and factory. Output: inventory report, life cycle query, fixed assets automatic tracking management.
January 1, 2021

Cooperation - XXXX aircraft Co., Ltd. selects Shanghai Leanwo propass material digital control scheme

XXXX aircraft Co., Ltd. selects the digital control node of propass materials produced by Shanghai Leanwo Information Technology Co., Ltd. to manage the whole life cycle of fixed assets and production materials based on RFID technology. Shanghai Leanwo will help XXXX aircraft Co., Ltd. realize business scenarios such as digital material control, behavior tracking, self-service collection and return, and rapid inventory.
September 24, 2020

Policy: Notice on strengthening the management of fixed assets of administrative institutions

Fixed assets of government institutions (hereinafter referred to as fixed assets) are assets controlled by administrative institutions to meet the needs of their own business activities or other activities, with service life and unit value above the specified standards, and basically maintain the original material form in the process of use, including houses and structures, special equipment, general equipment, cultural relics and exhibits, books, archives, furniture, appliances, fittings, animals and plants, etc. Doing a good job in fixed assets management is of great significance for improving the overall level of state-owned assets management of administrative institutions, better serving and ensuring the performance of duties and career development of units.