Make asset, storage and production material management simpler

In a decade, our services cover the whole scene of material digital management, including application fields such as assets, warehousing and production materials. It is especially suitable for enterprises and institutions to carry out digital management of materials in various processes.
Company profile
Shanghai Leanwo Information Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2011 and headquartered in Shanghai Zizhu national high tech Zone, is a national high-tech enterprise. Passed ISO9001 quality management system certification. It is an enterprise oriented information management system. The company's main business is Leanwo digital full cycle management software platform (RFID asset, warehouse, manufacturing process material intelligent management). The core system has more than 30 independent intellectual property rights such as patents and software copyrights.

As an integrated supplier of RFID software and hardware solutions, Shanghai Leanwo provides "turnkey service" for each demand of each customer. That is, customers put forward corresponding material management requirements, and Shanghai Leanwo provides perfect solutions and rapid application and implementation, so as to truly achieve the goal of perfect, effective and simple service, realize the service concept of "simplicity and connecting all things", save management time, improve management efficiency and reduce management cost for customers.
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Case introduction
The company has a professional RFID based digital full cycle management system (prodog) and a data middleware (promise) designed for the internal management of enterprises. Its services involve government departments, enterprises and institutions, mold manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, aerospace manufacturing, luxury storage, high-end manufacturing assets and other management fields. It has a certain popularity in the industry.

The company provides digital material management system based on RFID and QR code technology to many customers such as the world's top 500, China's top manufacturing enterprises, government financial and asset management departments and industry leading enterprises

Including Siemens AG of Germany, ZF AG of Germany, EHC of Italy, Danfoss of Denmark, KDL of University of science and technology of Norway, COMAC, CASIC / science and technology of China, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Pudong New Area court, Jiangsu highway, Ningbo hangkai company, Ningbo public transport group, Shanghai Tuopu, Hangzhou Bopu, Zhejiang Yitian and other customers.
Mission, vision and values
Vision: connecting all things
Mission: to provide enterprises with more effective material management tools and make the management of material information easier
Values: continuous struggle and shared achievements
Origin of the company
Chinese name of the company: "Leanwo" is an appropriate explanation of "Internet of things". We hope to better exchange information and create value through the connection between things. This is also what we think is the essence of the Internet of things.
The English name of the company: "leanwo" is a compound word, "lean" + "world", which means to make the world simpler and lean through the joint efforts of our colleagues.
contact information
Shanghai headquarters
Tel.: 021-53931657
Address: room 401B, building 6, No. 555, Dongchuan Road, Minhang, Shanghai, China (Zizhu information Cyberport)

Chengdu Office
Address: Aviation Industrial Park, Chengdu, China

Xi'an Branch Co
Address: Aerospace City, Xi'an, China

Our journey

  • 2023年

    Wonderful continue
  • 2022

    发布硬件平台:物料数字化管控节点Propass V2022
  • 2021

    COMAC digital material management project successfully delivered
    The third phase project of digital material management of Chinese Academy of Sciences was successfully delivered
    Midea Group's warehouse material digital management project was successfully delivered
    Chengdu Yongfeng aviation material digital management project was successfully delivered
  • 2020年

    Publishing hardware platform: material digital control node propass V2020
    Publishing hardware platform: material digital control node propass V2020
    Deliver the first phase of "Transparent Factory"
  • 2019年

    Awarded the honor of national high tech enterprise
    Partnership with ZF AG
    Deliver the 100th set of LianWu digital full cycle management software
  • 2018年

    Tax amount exceeds 1 million
    Establish partnership with Shanghai textile
    The number of materials managed by prodog exceeded 5 million
  • 2017年

    Move into Zizhu national high tech Zone as a whole
    Publishing hardware platform: digital material control node propass v2017
  • 2016年

    Harvest the 100th customer
    Establish strategic cooperative relationship with Shanghai Tuopu
  • 2015年

    Start prodog product journey
    Release Leanwo digital full cycle Management Software v2 0
  • 2014年

    Won the national bronze award of "creating youth" entrepreneurship competition
    Unified platform: Leanwo digital full cycle Management Software v1 0 Online
  • 2013年

    Won the star enterprise of science and technology entrepreneurship in Jing'an District
    Release Leanwo RFID workshop material Digital Management Software v1 0
  • 2012年

    Establish cooperative relationship with Chinese Academy of Sciences
    Establish partnership with Impinj
    Release Leanwo RFID fixed assets management system v1 0
  • April 28, 2011

    Shanghai Leanwo was established