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Big Energy Industry - Material Digitalization Solution Tour

The energy industry is the most basic and important industry in the country, and Shanghai Leanwo provides digital material management solutions for many energy companies. From power generation to power transmission and transformation, from power generation equipment to power plants, from new energy power to nuclear power generation, from land to sea, Shanghai Leanwo has used its own technology accumulation for more than ten years to support energy enterprises to achieve advanced digital management of materials by using Internet of Things technology. Energy makes the world full of life and vitality, contributing to the prosperity and prosperity of the country. We look forward to serving more energy companies.

Product Introduction-Shanghai Leanwo Material Digital Control Node (Propass)

Propass product is an integrated product launched by Shanghai Leanwo Information Technology Co., Ltd. for material digital management, which has a variety of material management functions to support the whole life cycle management of materials to the greatest extent. Propass is an integrated device, suitable for indoor RFID access and in-place information management, which can quickly read and record large quantities of RFID tags. It effectively ensures the efficiency and continuity of the flow of large quantities of goods. The equipment has the ability of independent operation and networking, and can automatically judge the entry and exit, face recognition collection and return, automatic warehousing, asset tracking, etc.

Application - RFID warehouse intelligent management system - material digital management

This program is for auto parts enterprises, whose warehouses have a large number of parts and materials, with many types, large quantities, scattered distribution, high value and other characteristics. Based on the above characteristics, Leanwo has launched a warehouse intelligent management system specifically for auto parts enterprises to help enterprises transform from traditional warehouses to digital transformation and greatly improve the efficiency of warehouse operation.
March 22, 2023

Application - RFID digital management of luxury goods warehouse products

Install RFID tags on each inventory item and register them in the system. Use Leanwo Propass to self manage the entry and exit of inventory products, and use a handheld RFID reader to quickly and in bulk inventory products.
December 6, 2021

Application of RFID in and out of warehouse - automatic warehousing of dangerous goods

RFID tags are used for single grade management of "one object, one code" for hazardous chemicals. Use the joint material digital control node propass to automatically manage the receipt and issue of hazardous chemicals. The goal of reducing human influence, 100% accuracy of inventory, full cycle management of hazardous chemicals and Management 0 accidents of hazardous chemicals can be achieved through fully automated collection, registration and processing of hazardous chemicals in and out of warehouse information.
September 23, 2021

Application: warehouse light picking system solution

The electronic tag light picking system can quickly and accurately guide the operation of operators through light on and digital display. Greatly improve the efficiency and accuracy of picking, reduce the difficulty of training and management, improve the overall performance, improve the informatization of warehouse and factory management, solve the social problems of low manpower, expensive manpower and difficult manpower management in labor-intensive industries, and speed up the transformation.
February 26, 2021

Case - RFID + robot fixed asset management of XX aviation manufacturing enterprise

The general assembly workshop and 5g Laboratory of XXXX aircraft Co., Ltd. have many tools, equipment and other assets. Due to its aviation production characteristics, it has a wide range of distribution, uses many types of work and changes in asset location. XXXX aircraft Co., Ltd. used LianWu prodog to solve the problem of comprehensive, rapid and accurate inventory of fixed assets in a wide range.
November 26, 2020

Case: EHC global RFID fixed asset management

In order to solve the pain points in asset management, ehus chose prodog of Shanghai Leanwo Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Leanwo) ® RFID digital full cycle management software. RFID tags are installed on each fixed asset for fast, complete and effective inventory. After the prodog system was launched, the inventory accuracy of ehus was improved to 99.9% and the speed was increased to more than 20 times of the original.
October 15, 2020

Application: RFID technology has greatly improved the asset management level of the school

How to manage school fixed assets efficiently with RFID technology? By pasting a special RFID electronic tag on the fixed assets to be managed, the RFID electronic tag is like an ID card information for items, which can write and read asset information, such as asset description, asset manager, asset user, asset name and so on.
October 15, 2020

Application: RFID fixed assets management system application in hotel industry

All star hotels have supporting hotel management systems or financial management systems, but they are far from meeting the requirements and effects of physical asset management. Firstly, the original system asset management module of the hotel mainly manages financial accounts, while Lenwo prodog physical asset management system focuses on the physical management of fixed assets. From the life cycle management of asset procurement, collection, daily management, inventory and scrap, the physical asset management system adopts wireless scanning instead of the original manual inventory of the hotel. The system automatically counts the inventory summary report and detailed report without manual completion of cumbersome manual statistics. The system can provide flexible label design and label batch printing for the hotel. The most important thing is to provide wireless scanning inventory, which greatly improves the accuracy of hotel asset inventory data and inventory data. The customer report of Qingjie real estate management system can also provide the statistical documents of all real estate reports required by the hotel