Workshop material management application

August 7, 2020

Case: Shanghai TOPNC aerospace manufacturing smart factory solution

The client of this project is Shanghai Tuopu Numerical Control Technology Co., Ltd., which takes numerical control technology, precision transmission technology and advanced process technology with independent intellectual property rights as its core competitiveness; Take high-end CNC machine tools and major manufacturing equipment widely used in the aerospace field as products, and gradually form a well-known innovative enterprise of domestic high-end CNC equipment.
July 24, 2020

Case: laboratory material control of Shenzhen Institute of Metrology and quality testing

The Metrology Institute has a large number of measurement tools (thermocouples, sensors, thermometers, standard blocks, measurement and measurement equipment, etc.) and various equipment around the measurement process. The core pain point is: how to conduct fast and accurate batch data collection and behavior analysis for measurement related materials. In particular, on-site management needs to ensure the real-time monitoring and notification.
July 18, 2020

Case: digital management of materials / instruments in Shanghai new drug research and development laboratory

Wuxi apptec has a large number of pharmaceutical instruments (Petri dishes, test tubes, chromatographic columns, etc.) and various auxiliary materials around the pharmaceutical process. Its materials have the following characteristics: the core pain point of laboratory material management is how to quickly and accurately collect data and analyze behavior of pharmaceutical materials.
July 18, 2020

Case: 2D digital management solution for Sunmoon semiconductor PCB products

Riyue semiconductor mainly produces PCB boards and other semiconductor related products. In the production process, the customer proposed the need to track the quality of single-chip products, so it is necessary to give each PCB a globally unique mark, and automatically scan the code and report work at the upper and lower material ports of the production line. Shanghai Leanwo provides a perfect digital material tracking solution for the specific needs of sun and moon, combined with the ability of its own prodog system.