Warehouse management application

March 22, 2023

Application - RFID digital management of luxury goods warehouse products

Install RFID tags on each inventory item and register them in the system. Use Leanwo Propass to self manage the entry and exit of inventory products, and use a handheld RFID reader to quickly and in bulk inventory products.
December 6, 2021

Application of RFID in and out of warehouse - automatic warehousing of dangerous goods

RFID tags are used for single grade management of "one object, one code" for hazardous chemicals. Use the joint material digital control node propass to automatically manage the receipt and issue of hazardous chemicals. The goal of reducing human influence, 100% accuracy of inventory, full cycle management of hazardous chemicals and Management 0 accidents of hazardous chemicals can be achieved through fully automated collection, registration and processing of hazardous chemicals in and out of warehouse information.
September 23, 2021

Application: warehouse light picking system solution

The electronic tag light picking system can quickly and accurately guide the operation of operators through light on and digital display. Greatly improve the efficiency and accuracy of picking, reduce the difficulty of training and management, improve the overall performance, improve the informatization of warehouse and factory management, solve the social problems of low manpower, expensive manpower and difficult manpower management in labor-intensive industries, and speed up the transformation.
August 7, 2020

Case: Shanghai TOPNC aerospace manufacturing smart factory solution

The client of this project is Shanghai Tuopu Numerical Control Technology Co., Ltd., which takes numerical control technology, precision transmission technology and advanced process technology with independent intellectual property rights as its core competitiveness; Take high-end CNC machine tools and major manufacturing equipment widely used in the aerospace field as products, and gradually form a well-known innovative enterprise of domestic high-end CNC equipment.
July 24, 2020

Case: digital management of component warehouse materials in Shanghai XXXX Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences

The component warehouse of the Institute has a large number of components (such as resistors, resistors and other components) and various equipment around the component process. Its product management has the following characteristics: the core pain point of the Institute's material management is how to quickly and accurately approve the relevant component materials - purchase - Screening - testing - warehousing - picking - outbound process management. On this basis, it is necessary to ensure the accuracy and traceability of the process.
July 24, 2020

Case: digital management of materials in kitchen electric manufacturing industry of Yitian Co., Ltd

Yitian factory has the production and storage capacity of a variety of integrated kitchen electrical products (such as integrated stove, dishwasher, etc.). Its finished product management has the following characteristics: the core pain point of Yitian material management is how to quickly and accurately collect batch data and analyze the behavior of integrated kitchen electrical products. Connect the dynamic process of warehouse inventory with the ERP inventory of the group to realize the rapid and batch warehousing registration of integrated kitchen and electrical products
July 18, 2020

Case: digital material management of Shanghai Textile Group wine travel Linen Industry

RFID tags are bound to each hotel textile products (including bed sheets, quilt covers, towels, pillowcases, slippers, etc.), so that each material has a unique ID number in the world, and tampering is not allowed. After the linen is produced from the production plant, the EPC binding operation has been completed. The linen is transported to the warehouse for warehousing.
July 7, 2020

Case - Leanwo RFID management system realizes the digital management of Siemens tool warehouse

With prodog, propass and other products, Shanghai Leanwo provides Siemens China Energy Division with maintenance tools, tool life cycle management, rapid inventory and complete set control on containers, and helps Siemens China Energy Division improve work efficiency and business level.
Each maintenance tool is equipped with RFID electronic tag, the tag is written into the key attributes of the corresponding tool, and the electronic tag ID identity information database is established, so that each tool has a globally unique ID number. Create BOM Library (tool BOM) to greatly improve the work efficiency of all links.